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Jordan - part 1

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I don’t normally do really personal blog posts, but thought I’d make an exception to update family and so on about what I’ve been doing Jordan recently

Replacement dos box for Windows - emacs shell mode

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The Windows dos box (command prompt) sucks in many ways in comparison to an xterm (and I’m not even including ‘command’ vs ‘bash’ here). But if you have emacs you can make it suck a little bit less. “M-x shell” gets you shell mode, and you can select text etc, and use emacs keybindings for editing your commands etc. taster

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I’ve somehow managed to get ‘subscriber’ level on’s music community site, and I’m really enjoying it.

Cleaning and Jasper Fforde

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I cleaned and tidied both my bedroom and my front room today…it was quite an interesting experience..[and some more interesting stuff about books]