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My main, active personal projects are below:


    This is a web site/web app for Bible memorisation, well suited for both handheld devices as well as large screens. It has various social features, so you can get encouragement from our community of users who are learning thousands of Bible verses every day.

  • Helping with Mozilla's Project Fluent — so far I've contributed implementations/tools for Python, Django and Elm (fluent-compiler, django-ftl, elm-fluent).

Development work

If you are interested in hiring me as a freelance programmer, please see my page on my development work for further information and examples of my work, and also my development standards.

Articles and writings:


Friends and family should be warned that it is almost entirely geeky and technical, with only occasional articles on Christian things.

Recent highlights:

Django Views — The Right Way

External site — an opinionated guide to writing views in Django, which is really more about general OOP and Python programming.

Django + htmx patterns

External site — a rough-and-ready compilation of the patterns I’m using and developing when writing Django projects that use htmx.

Turkish notes

Some notes I have written up regarding learning Turkish, from the time I spent living in Turkey with my family.

Old web sites

My more recent web sites are linked from my development work page. But I have some very old sites, which I have archived here for posterity since the original domains expired:

Personal info


Creating fractal images is (or was) a hobby of mine, you can download some images and find more info here.