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z squared plus c

Fractal gallery by Luke Plant

Z SQUARED PLUS C is a fractal gallery devoted to Mandelbrot, Julia and Julibrot images. On the info page, you can find some information about the images, an explanation of the name of this gallery and more, but for now, straight to the galleries:

Gallery 5 Gallery 5
More explorations into this wonderful, massive, 8 dimensional Julibrot Set. 13 images made with Ultra Fractals.

Gallery 4
16 images, including a number of Julibrot slices. Almost all the images were done using Ultra Fractals and are in glorious true-colour. Some also make use of Ultra Fractals' layers options to combine methods.
Gallery 4

Gallery 3 Gallery 3
Getting into my stride with ellipses, astroids, ripple effects and 'moving targets'!

Gallery 2 - Early Methods
A collection of images based on my first attempts to implement my own colouring methods. Although mainly guessing at various weird and wacky methods, these represent some of the good fractals I did manage to produce.
Gallery 2

Gallery 1 - Spirals Gallery 1 - Spirals
Those classic Mandelbrot and Julia spirals - but decorated in completely new ways. The images are actually based on superimposed shapes which started out life as ellipses! A total of 9 images in this collection.

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