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My name is Luke Plant, at the time of writing I'm 18 years old and I'm a first year student in Cambridge University, studying Natural Sciences, hopefully specialising in Materials Science.

I am very much interested in computers and programming, and although I haven't done any proper Windows programming, I have done some consultancy work for a firm, writing software using Microsoft WordBasic and Visual Basic for Applications, and I hope that I will get to use/program computers as part of my science.

Enough about work, my hobbies (apart from fractals, web pages and programming) are basketball and tabletennis, neither of which I am particularly good at, but I do enjoy them in my own little way.

This is boring me, so it probably is boring you too! I think I should use this chance to say I have a page (on my other site) on something that isn't only far more interesting than fractals, but absolutely vital for you to know. Click here to find out more... This page will tell you a bit about the person who is the most important part of my life - God.

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