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I started using Ultra Fractals on 25-Aug-98, and for once I've found a fractal program that beats Fractint for what I want to do! Ultra Fractals will produce true-colour images and has full colouring algorithm features. Fractal formulae and colouring methods formulae can be inputted and used very easily - what took hours with my old methods takes a few seconds now, plus Ultra Fractals is a very fast plotter, in parts hand-coded in assembler. I'm very impressed with it, as you can tell!

Anyway, you can:

You can download the old Fractint formula, used to do the first few galleries. All of those images can now be reproduced in true-colour using Ultra Fractal 2.0.

  • Fractint - Fractint 19.6 or later is required for most formulas, since they use the IF/ENDIF structure. The link will take you to Fractint's home page, or click here to go to their download page. The zip file is about 650Kb.

  • colour.frm - this is my complete formula file up to July 98 for colouring methods. It includes a lot of notes/tests and formulae with bugs. Last updated 6/7/98.

  • colour-c.frm - this is a (c)leaned up version of the above. Only the best of the formula are included, and it is more user friendly in its comments. There is less explanation of the maths, more of how to use formulae. Last updated 6/7/98.

Other recommended downloads -

  • The Spanky Fractal Database is a massive collection of fractal material, programs and links to anything it doesn't have. I really can't do better that to point you there, if you haven't found it already

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