Fractals are mathematical objects which happen to be useful (among other things) for making attractive computer generated images. Examples of fractals are often found in nature, and fractal maths is often used to create realistic 3D images and film effects, especially for things like landscapes and plants.

The images I've created are mainly very abstract. On this page you'll find links to an old site I created, plus some new galleries that I'm adding to very slowly. Some of my fractals have been in an exhibition called "The Frontier between Art and Science" that has toured Europe. I've used mainly UltraFractal 2 for creating these images. As I was an early user of UltraFractal, some of my fractal formulae, colouring methods and transformations are included in the software. If you google for "Luke Plant", at the time of writing you mainly get links to the above items. That's about it for my claim to fractal fame!

Old website

My main fractal website is z squared plus c. I've left it mainly as it was when I first made it (1998-99). There is another copy of it somewhere on the 'net, but now neglected/lost! This site uses exclusively one fractal formula (strictly speaking, one family often called 'Julibrot' which is the superset of the very famous Mandelbrot and Julia fractals).

New galleries

Gallery 1

These fractals are a deviation from the style in z squared plus c, and I've not limited myself to any particular formulae or methods. I rarely do fractals any longer, but when I do I take quite a lot of time over them in order to produce the right effect -- they are a lot more contrived than my earlier fractals which were more 'raw' and the product of luck. They are also available for download in much bigger sizes, so they're good for desktop backgrounds.

I'm not very good at thinking up names, so if you want to suggest a better one for any of these feel free.