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  • I am a Christian.
  • I'm married to Heidi, and we have 3 children.
  • I am British, in fact English. For some reason, I have a sense of pride in this fact. Why I should be proud of a belonging to nation like this, whose past "greatness" went hand in hand with colonnial exploitation, whose current state is an ever downward moral spiral, whose immense heritage of God's goodness and undeserved blessing continues to be rejected and reversed by almost every new law that is passed, and whose future almost certainly lies in the societal collapse and economic disaster that inevitably follows this kind of behaviour, I don't quite know. Perhaps it has something to do with The Beatles.

  • I'm one of the core developers of Django.
  • Music: see my account
  • Sport: sculling, table-tennis, cycling, volleyball, tennis, mountain walks, basketball.
  • Facebook page (I don't use Facebook much)

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Normally I go by the nickname 'spookylukey' on IRC and many other sites.

Some old e-mail addresses I have used in the past:

  • lukeplant (at)
  • lukeplant (at) (obsolete)
  • (obsolete Uni address)