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MrKnowItAll's inbox

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There is a user on CCIW called MrKnowItAll. He is, in fact, just a bot who notifies people when their favourite places have been added to (and of course you can turn him off in your preferences). But that doesn't stop him getting messages in his inbox:

MrKnowItAll's inbox

BethHuh?! who on earth are you!?!?! hmmmm...... let me think...... could you be Rich!? wink10 Oct 2002, 10:33:29
BethHey you know you can get REEEEAAAALLLY annoying!! I don't know why you chose me to pick on!!10 Oct 2002, 10:35:58
jamesThis must be Jon Mackenzie
Or Michael Jackson
3 Mar 2003, 21:27:35
beckyheya yes looks like they did who is this btw?!?!?!5 May 2003, 21:24:02
GooseThanks, like I've never seen that before?! Can i ask, who are u?8 Aug 2003, 14:10:08
Jenny_14will u stop sendin them msgs i dont want to know anymore plz stop thnak you9 Sep 2003, 20:51:20
lanewho is this?9 Sep 2003, 19:40:01
CatzHeya, sorry, me is a little confused :s, is this graeme? and wot are you trying to show me? sorry i'm a lil confussleeeddddddd! have a gr8 new year tho love catziex x x12 Dec 2003, 14:35:33
caz1991hi i dont now how u are so what do u what8 Aug 2004, 10:06:55
gorjesswho r u?8 Aug 2004, 22:27:51
caz1991did u go it camp and plz stop it who r u8 Aug 2004, 20:26:26
caz1991can u plz stop it now who r u8 Aug 2004, 16:55:03
Rich_Tea_2who is this9 Sep 2004, 21:15:18

I guess posting that here is a bit mean, but what is the point of power if you don't abuse it? :-) BTW, I do tell people after a while if they really don't get it.

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