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After two weeks holiday in Wales (Camp followed by Aber conference), I'm back to work again. Or should I say back to anything but work.

I've been welcomed back by alternate bright weather and thunderstorms, which kind of confines me indoors, after having already spent hours at my computer on saturday when I got back. So far, I have:

  • Dealt with about 400 of the 700 emails I had waiting for me (I'm on lots of mailing lists, so I didn't actually read all those, but scanning them still takes a while)

  • Uploaded some photos to the photos page for my camp

  • Caught up with what's been happening on the CCIW website and sorted out some pesky CCIW users (WW III had already broken out on the message boards). This is becoming quite a big task, and I need to find a way easy way to monitor and moderate what is going on. Activity at the moment is quite high, and Damo is doing more than his fair share of monitoring it.

  • Fixed up my blog, so it now includes headlines on the right hand side, and links to past months, plus some other tweaks. The blog is powered by CuteNews, which I've now hacked a bit, so it works quite nicely for a blog as well as for my news, and does RSS feeds too -- all in all, I'm pretty happy with it.

On Sunday I had a very nice anti-social afternoon, at home with my thoughts. The Aber conference left me with lots to think about and go over, perhaps I'll blog some of those thoughts when I get them a bit more organised.

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