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So, what have I been up to?

  • Added a quip line to my blog page. OK, so it's two lines of PHP, but it does add a nice touch, and gives me a little giggle every time I look at the page. I also use most of the quips in my e-mail signature.

  • Added RSS feeds for my blog and the general news page. They work pretty well. I'm using CuteNews for my blog and news, and although it doesn't have RSS by default, it's very easy to add (the forum on the CuteNews home page showed me how.)

  • Tried to encourage other people to use RSS or Atom on their blogs, no results yet. Browsing blogs is boring, getting them come to you is fun.

  • Fixed a script for Joe Spademan. But he's still having bizarre troubles with it.

  • Submitted my CodeExporter Add-In to an Excel Add-In site, perhaps it will be of use to someone other than me

  • Started using Akregator for reading RSS feeds. I was using r2e which converted them into e-mails, but akregator is more convenient for feeds, without being bloated - nice and simple.

  • Realised I have been neglecting both Sylpheed-Claws and Kio-Sword, but haven't yet done anything about that. With Kio-Sword, I've got the bulk of the work done, doing the rest is a bit tedious.

  • Did some real work too! It's getting a bit boring now - same kind of stuff all the time. Did a rewrite of some of it, which was fun, but messing around with fiddly things in Excel, like getting it to print nicely -- yawn!

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