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I'm getting spam from all quarters. My Cutenews news page is getting comment spam. My Obfuscated English page is getting tons of comment spam (all moderated out thankfully). My e-mail spam is not too bad at the moment, as I've been very careful with it, but it's getting worse. My website referrer logs are being spammed! Stupid, as it currently does them no good at all - nothing is automatically gleaned from the referrer logs

I guess this is the fundamental problem with spam - it's so cheap that it doesn't matter how incredibly ineffecient it is. This means the spammers will continue to the point that every useful but unprotected feature of the internet is ruined beyond repair, at great loss to internet users in general and very little gain for the spammers. Sigh....

What is even more worrying is mindless vandalism, such Wikipedia Vandalism, which does the perp's no good at all. I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of things actually causes the demise of many useful parts of the internet.

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