Reboot Blues

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I had to reboot my computer today, which is quite gutting. Some program crashed and somehow my keyboard stopped responding, so although the system itself hadn't crashed, I was still rather stuck, and a reboot was the only option. I had only achieved 83 days without rebooting as well - 100 would have been nice :-( .

The upside is I can now get on with a few things that required a reboot, like trying out the Linux 2.6 kernel (supposed to be quite a bit faster, and I need that on this old machine), and installing some other distros to try out my kio-sword software.

That aside, I have been kept busy with CCIW lately - there has been a big increase in activity lately (it reached 230 posts per day on Friday), and keeping up with that is quite a task, one the web site doesn't really help me with -- it's showing its age now. Still, I've improved the 'semi-moderated' mode and auto-moderation so that I get more helpful e-mails out the system. A proper database backend would make a lot of things easier, and while I'm dreaming, about 5 more moderators too :-) . The chat room is another nice addition, but again it needs man power in the form of moderators to make it useful.

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