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Leaving KDE

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After being a loyal fan of KDE for a long time, I’ve just left…

Gutsy woes

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I upgraded to Gutsy RC last week, and I’ve really had nothing but trouble, and submitted lots of bugs…

Facebook broken in Konqueror

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At the end of the day, contrary to what many web developers and browser writers would like you to believe, quality and standards compliance mean nothing. The only thing that matters is market share.

Sharing internet connection to chroot

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How to share an internet connection to a chroot’ed system (or, using Knoppix to get into another Linux system which you can’t boot directly for some reason).

Mature Wine

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I have been more and more impressed with Wine recently…

Configuring Samba in KDE, with Kubuntu Feisty

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A combination of bugs in KDE/Samba/Feisty makes the simple task of configuring Samba to share a folder (in this case to share it with myself, for the benefit of some virtual machines) much harder than it ought to have been

Edgy, Feisty, and Pheenet WLU-703Z

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I spent an unprofitable afternoon trying to get a new wireless USB adapter to work under Ubuntu Edgy, but Feisty did the trick beautifully.