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I would like to congratulate Virgin Radio on their very Linux friendly web site. Their listen online page autodetects a Linux browser and gives options for streaming audio that are more Linux friendly (Ogg Vorbis listed first, and then MP3). They even apologise at the bottom of the page for one of their streams which is only available as a WMA stream (which is usually Windows only).

Virgin Radio screen shot

They better not keep this up, or I'll get positively spoilt!

On top of this, they actually seem to have a policy of playing quite good songs a lot of the time. For a fairly mainstream popular music station, this is a bold and unorthodox move, but one I'm surprised that other stations haven't thought of. This evening I've been treated to some absolute classics including "Every breath you take" by The Police and, one of my all time favorites, "I'll stand by you" by The Pretenders. It can't last long...

(I have to add -- this is not a blanket endorsement of Virgin Radio! I believe that the music we listen to can have a massive influence on us, and pop music especially so, as it very often brings a non-Christian culture and morality with it, either implicitly or explicitly. That topic deserves some proper attention in another post, I just wanted to quickly say here that I believe Christians need to be very careful about anything they listen to, and I don't want to cause anyone to stumble. Most of what I've been listening to on Virgin Radio tonight has been passing my tests, but if you think my judgement is off please do leave a comment!).

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