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I have been more and more impressed with Wine — it seems to be a pretty mature product these days. The number and type of Windows programs that I can install and they Just Work, and perfectly, is very impressive.

To date, here are useful programs that work:

  • Ultra Fractal, version 2

  • Crack Attack - this has a Linux version, but the one installed wasn't compatible with the Windows version on my sister's computer. So I installed the exact same one as hers to make sure, and it worked.

  • Armagatron Advanced – this is especially impressive as it is intensive OpenGL, and the performance is just as good running under Wine as the Linux version.

  • Word Viewer

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Internet Explorer 4, 5 and 6 – need to be installed using IEs4Linux

  • Inno Setup (v4.1.4, less luck with more recent versions)

  • PuTTy

  • LOGOS - E4's Bible Study Library (a very old version)

I'm quite impressed, and it means that more and more I just expect Wine to be able to handle things right out of the box, when in the past it was a bit of a victory to get the simplest application to run.

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