Linux and calendars - bad combination...

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So, I'd like to be able to access my sync the calendar on my computer with other devices, like my BlackBerry Curve. This is 2010 right?

  • I already blogged the failure to sync directly. Let's not go there.

  • How about just syncing KOrganizer with Google, and syncing the BlackBerry with Google? I already have some calendars on Google, and that works fine. But now for my main calender:

    • I tried GCalDaemon, but found that it ignores/deletes all recurring events on your calendar. Which is pretty evil.

    • There is Akonadi... Given how hopelessly buggy Akonadi is for syncing contacts to Google (like, if Google has more than one e-mail for a contact, none of them are transferred, and worse), I'm not very hopeful about this (and I'm using most recent KDE 4.4.1). But I'll try anyway...

      • The whole experience is fraught with bugs and confusion. You click 'Add' and things aren't added, you click 'Remove' and they don't disappear, or only after some indefinite period of time (I've waited 30 seconds, is it just broken or should I carry on waiting?). You close the Akonadi configuration and open it again, or restart the server, and items have appeared, and other things that you didn't ask for. A lot seems to go on asynchronously, which might be a good idea, but you get the impression you are attempting to communicate with a forgetful, deaf, sleepy, indecisive, incompetent idiot. I have eventually managed to add a Google calendar resource, but it says "Failed getting last updated event", and nothing appears on my calendar.

  • OK, let's try Evolution calendar. At first it didn't work, then it seemed to work a bit better, but trying to modify events returns "Unknown error", and now it refuses to show the calendar at all.

  • OK, let's just try using Google calendar, importing all my existing calendar data, ditching any hope of using a local calendar app. But Google doesn't like my calendar file - "Failed to import events: Processing error during upload."

Epic fail. Bad day.

Update: in the last case, I discovered after some investigation that Google doesn't like the 'VTIMEZONE' sections in my calendar file. Removing them allows the import to succeed (although it still produces an error message, and I'm guessing it might have lost some time information on summer events though, not sure).

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