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I'm getting married in 3 weeks time - yay!

But this post isn't about that – it's a quick programming-and-wedding-related tip.

We set up a John Lewis gift list, but we found the web site's instructions for use could be improved.

The instructions to pass on to potential givers were:

  1. Go to this site

  2. Type in this gift list number

That's fine for printed instructions, but if you already have a website, there is this magical thing called a hyperlink which should be able to take you straight there, without any error prone typing etc. John Lewis didn't provide any instructions for doing this, and as the number never appears in a URL, even after this point, it isn't obvious that there is a way to do it.

However, I managed to impress my fiancée with my leet hacking skills to get around this. OK, so I right-clicked at an appropriate place, chose “Inspect element”, applied some knowledge of web development and made a few easy guesses. I came up with the following URL which works, and will take you straight to your gift list:

Just replace YOURNUMBER with your actual number.

That's all for now - but further wedding-inspired posts are to follow!

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