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On Saturday I succeeded in convincing myself that I have better things do than blog or read other people blogs. In fact, I convinced myself not only to quit the Christian blogosphere, but bin my entire list of news feeds -- I don't know how many hours I've wasted reading news of all sorts that, although it may be interesting, is not nearly important enough for someone who believes in eternity. It remains only to deal with the few things I think I'll miss.

  1. The blogs of personal friends. It is kind of a nice way to stay in touch with what people are doing, but I think personal e-mails are probably better and more meaningful, so I hope that I'll use some of the time I free up from reading blogs for that purpose.

  2. A chance to air ideas and things I've been thinking about. This one's easy: have real conversations with real people. If it's too private, I'll write it in my journal (in fact I've often found that many things that are really on my heart are too personal for a blog, so my posts have tended to be superficial anyway).

  3. Various other bloggers who I've enjoyed reading: I suppose I'll pop by from time to time on their websites. But the days of agregators are over for me. I'll make Tim Challies proud by reading some of the books he recommends, instead of just his reviews.

I'll leave this blog up, and comments open for a while (but I imagine the spammers will annoy me too much before long). I'll still be posting announcements for Kio-Sword here, and perhaps the occasional factual posting of useful information, but that's all.

Right, just deleted all my feeds from my bloglines account, it's over. The other day I found "The Life of God in the Soul of Man" by Henry Scougal in a digital format on CCEL. I've converted it to a Sword module and printed it off using Kio-Sword. So I'm off to read a good book :-).

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