Kio-Sword is a lightweight Bible study program for the KDE environment. It allows you to view and browse Bibles and commentaries from a familiar application - your web browser.

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This project is 'dead', meaning:

  • It has not been updated for KDE 4, and the sole developer has no plans to do so.
  • Old versions are not being maintained in any way.

Source code will continue to be available from GitHub. If a developer would like to take over the project, they would be very welcome to do so.


Kio-Sword is a kioslave for the KDE environment. KDE uses kioslaves to access files from many different sources or protocols. For example, the file:/ protocol is used for all local file access, http:/ is used for web access, and the help:/ protocol/ioslave is another way to access the help files in the KDE Help Center.

Kio-Sword adds the sword:/ protocol to your system for easy access to Sword modules. Just type sword:/ in Konqueror's location bar, and you'll be presented with a list of modules you can browse as a web page. If you know exactly where you want to go, you can get there quicker - e.g. type sword:/KJV/John 3:16 for John 3:16 in the King James version.

Kio-Sword features hyperlinked cross references (for example in commentary modules) and hyperlinked Strongs numbers and morphological tags (in modules that include them). Basic search functionality is also included, as well as the ability to customise the page using various options, and by providing your own CSS file.


  • KDE - KDE is a desktop environment popular on the Linux operating system, but also runs on various other UNIX-like OSes. Kio-Sword has been tested with KDE 3.3 and 3.4, it may run on KDE 3.2. (reports of success/failures welcomed).
  • Sword - you need sword v 1.5.7 or greater.
  • Sword modules - if you don't have any Sword modules (e.g. Bibles, commentaries) then Kio-Sword won't be very useful. You can download Sword modules from their website, or you could use the installer that comes with BibleTime.
  • For building from source, you'll need header files for the above libraries and normal KDE build tools (usually packaged with KDE)

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