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I'm now getting into proper working life for the first time in a good while. I've mainly been cycling to work and back, which takes me 30 minutes in, and 45 minutes back (up hill!), plus a bit for the very much needed shower when I return. When you add onto that other things like church prayer meeting, playing five-a-side at work, church youth club, the fact that I've still got work with my old, and more, I've not had a huge amount of free time.

Sometimes I've not even checked bloglines or my personal e-mail for two days (gasp!), and I usually don't at all on Sunday, so often when I do check them I have a lot to process, and I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that my blogroll is going to be massively trimmed -- it often has several hundred new items when I get round to reading it (thankfully bloglines makes this much easier, but it's still way too much).

Work is good, and there are a number of other Christians there, which is great. I've also really been enjoying the cycle in -- it's mainly down hill on good roads, and at that time of day I'm overtaking cars a lot (my best time is about 28 minutes, which is faster than you can do it by car). Not having to put that much effort into cycling means I can think about other things, or sing hymns, and I've often enjoyed a real sense of God's presence and joy. The exertion of the ride is just perfect -- it wakes me up, and I arrive at work feeling nicely warm but not actually sweating!

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