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In response to comments on my previous post, about how to get hits. I'm hardly an expert on this, but anyway:

First, if you have a personal website and real content to offer, read this article on Promoting a Personal website on The vast majority of traffic to this site is for genuine content that helps people - my way of trying to give back something to the open source community - and not to my boring opinions on this blog.

Second, ask yourself Do Hits Matter? and read that article (also on, which is about doing something with hits. If on the other hand you're only interested in staying in contact with friends and some of the blogosphere via your blog, then why do you need millions of hits?

Also, as RSS begins to take off, then you don't have to worry about keeping people coming back. They get your new content when it comes, and you consume very little of their time until then. For example, the KDE articles I publish have an RSS feed, to which a number of people are definitely subscribed, so they are notified when I add new stuff which is of interest to them. I personally use RSS massively - Bloglines is just great for this - I have a huge blogroll, but it only takes up any of my time when people actually post. I imagine and hope RSS will become more and more mainstream.

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