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First, I have friends. Notice the plural - it's not just Penguin Boy who is my friend, but also The Grey Shadow and Doggie's Breakfast. OK, so that last one was more of a reciprocal blogroll thing, but it still counts! (even if he did make the rather unreasonable request that I actual do some quality posts :-) ).

I also have hits - I was surprised to find that last month my site had over 5000 page views, which I think isn't bad seeing as when I started the site in May I got just 125! Also a fair number of people are finding my site via google with all kinds of searches, some leading to this blog, quite a few to my other pages. Quite scarily, I found I've been reached a number of times via this search, for which I'm currently top - I'd never really thought what a responsiblity it is to post things on the web until I found that out.

And last but by no means least, God has given me a new job! For the past two years since graduating I've been self-employed - but that has involved a lot of being not-very employed (also known as being bone idle). But no longer. I had an job interview on Friday for a software development company in Leeds, and got an offer yesterday. So I have to say goodbye to being my own master, goodbye to spending silly amounts of time on the web, goodbye to late night hacking sessions, and hello steady salary!

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