Kio-Sword 0.1-2

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I fixed the Debian package of kio-sword version 0.1, to remove some incorrect (and troublesome) dependencies. It's available from the download page.

I am still working on this project, in case anyone is interested! This is my current TODO list:

  • Fix the title of the page so it shows something useful

  • Add spacing between verse numbers and the verse

  • Easier access to the default module, perhaps making 'bible:' go straight there

  • Display footnotes somehow?

  • Get it properly internationalised

  • Support for non-English names for books of the Bible (needs thinking about)

  • Various bug fixes (strongs and morphs tags for various backend formats don't work right, some cross refs don't work right,...)

I'll hopefully be able to hack on this at some point fairly soon! Having a job is such a nuisance :-)

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