Kio-Sword 0.2 released

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About 18 months after my last release, just to show this project isn't dead, I have a new release. It doesn't have everything I wanted to add, but I decided it was better to release what I have done and the rest can wait. Changes include:

  • Better support for Bibles in RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)

  • Supports localised names for books of the Bible

  • New, simplified page design using cleaner and better HTML (no tables, semantic HTML)

  • Settings propagate in URLs, so you can turn a setting on and it stays on (and this works even if multiple kio_sword processes are spawned)

  • Access keys for navigation and toggling formatting settings

  • Title of the page is meaningful (much better for browsing history in Konqueror)

  • New shortcut for Bible verses: e.g. sword:John 3:16 (note there is no forward slash after "sword:") to go to your default Bible

  • Lots of cleaning up of the code, including a new system for settings and output of HTML, using namespaces nicely and naming classes sensibly :-)

  • Search page pre-selects the default Bible as the module to search

  • Fixed various bugs

There are a range of other things I wanted to do, and I am very open to suggestions. If you want a feature, even a really small change, please let me know, and remind me again if I have not included something you really wanted.

If anyone wants to come up with a better page design that would be great. The nice thing about this project is you don't have to worry about Internet Explorer -- the only browser you care about is Konqueror, which has excellent CSS support. So you can show off your knowledge of all the latest and greatest CSS2 etc. Anyone?

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