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Konqueror has an awful lot of hidden features. One of the things I've been missing after using Firefox a lot is incremental search - searching within a web page without an annoying dialog box, also known as "find as you type". Having found in the past that there are lots of undocumented features in KDE, I went and searched for this. Google was no help, but I eventually remembered the KDE Wiki, and found this:

Konqueror: Find as you type

To select a text or a link inside a web page (not inside a textarea or input):

/ + your text for a text research
' + the text for a link search

At last! It's not quite as good looking as Firefox's, but who cares - I'm a happy man. I've also found that doing '/' also initiates incremental search in Firefox, so I don't even have to remember which browser I'm in.

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