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I've been checking my access logs for google searches, and I seem to be enjoying amazing Google juice at the moment.

I'm getting about 200 hits a week from Google, but when I've looked up the searches that people have done, I'm astonished to find myself rating very highly on a variety of simple searches. For example, I'm currently number one for Mandrake firewall, php flatfile (and first/very high on related searches), knotify command (and very high for anything related to knotify). The other KDE articles I've done also get very good coverage for searches on relevant keywords.

I'm in the top 10 for "website code", jasper fforde, lockridge my king (and lots similar, which go to the My King page I put up), jonathan edward's resolutions (and similar), VBA modules and lots more.

Some of these make sense, as there genuinely isn't much else on these topics. But for things like Mandrake firewall and others, I have almost no information, and there is no way I have any PageRank for those searches. I can only come up with these things:

  • All my pages have relevant keywords in the title of the page. In fact, I constructed my blog software with that requirement in mind.

  • Most pages have very little on them apart from the content, and the content is always first in the source.

  • Because I have static pages, quite often I have files named things like 'websitecode.html', and I believe Googlebots lap this up.

The first two are just standard ways to make sure your content is indexed well and rated highly, so I wouldn't have thought that would give me such an advantage. Perhaps its just that lots of people don't do the simple things, and use software that adds a load of extra stuff. Or that Google isn't all that good at finding relevant things anymore.

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