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If anyone's interested, you can get the code for my blog here. I've put it together pretty quickly - I've just packaged everything from my own directories that you need for it to work without error, plus a README. If you actually wanted to use it you'd need to replace at least the main page template and customise the others and the CSS. You could remove some things completely (like my blogroll and related functions).

It's licensed under the MIT license, so you can do pretty much anything with it. As it is, it might be useful for anyone with some PHP knowledge who wants a simple but powerful blog. It's got admin functions for managing posts, comments and categories (quite basic looking at the moment, but they do the job). The design is fairly clean so adding features to it should be pretty easy.

I'll try and add some more code comments (which are rather lacking at the moment), and I'll also be doing a few quick articles on the methods I've used, which are a more important product of what I've learnt than the blog software itself.

Update: See Website code for a new version of the code.

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