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I've launched a new Bible memorization service, LearnScripture.net.

It was inspired by the great language learning website memrise.com, and by a series that I was doing on Jesus' use of the Bible.

I designed it with my congregation in mind, so it's child friendly, and also mobile-phone friendly, as well as being socially-oriented. Another unique selling point is good support for learning extended passages, rather than just individual verses.

It's Django-powered, of course, and there are tons of people to thank. I'd particularly like to thank the many people who worked on Django ticket 2879 - live server support which landed in Django 1.4 - they are listed here, and especially Julien Phalip who pushed it through. My site uses a lot of javascript, and I think it simply wouldn't have been possible without being able to have Selenium tests integrated into my Django test suite.

Unlike memrise.com, who, according to their faq have no idea how they are going to make money, I decided to make this a paid service, so it will hopefully support itself and support me a bit too (I'm in a small church, so currently have to supplement my salary with freelance programming work).

You can follow it on twitter if you want to hear more.

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