Haskell Blog Rewrite - Session 2 - 2007-07-06

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  • Create data types for models using record syntax for the fields.

  • Create an automated method for generating SQL data definition i.e. CREATE TABLE etc

  • Do things properly — write tests for this from the very beginning


  • Learn how to use QuickTest, or other testing strategies, as soon as I am in some position to know what to test.


  • Tried to start with defining my 'Post' data type, and then use a type class 'DBField' with instances for 'Int', 'String' etc that would generate corresponding SQL definition. Of course this won't work because 'Post' is a data type, and type class methods work only on instances of data type (i.e. data types are not first class values, unlike in Python, so I can't do something like the way Django does it). An alternative is to have a script that parses the models.hs file and generates SQL based on its content.

  • Changed tack. I'm going to start with the database libraries, and work from the kind of input they want, as that is likely to be a constraint. I'm starting with HaskellDB and HSQL

    • Needed to install libmysqlclient-dev to build HSQL-MySQL

  • End of session — got HaskellDB, HSQL-MySQL installed etc, but didn't manage to get the HaskellDB tests working — won't load my drivers for some reason.


  • Basically I scrapped my initial plan, and changed tack completely.

Session 3 - 2007-07-13

  • Had another go at getting HSQL working, and succeeded this time, with help from comments on my rant about lack of success so far.

  • Session over, about 1 hour.

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