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Class: TableUtils

Source Location: /flatfile_utils.php

Class Overview

EXPERIMENTAL: Utilities for handling definitions of tables.


Class Details

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EXPERIMENTAL: Utilities for handling definitions of tables.

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Class Methods

method createDefines [line 82]

void createDefines( &$tables)

Uses 'define' to create global constants for all the column names



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method createRowSchema [line 101]

void createRowSchema( &$tabledef)

Creates a 'row schema' for a given table definition.

A row schema is just an array of the column types for a table, using the constants defined above.



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method resolveJoins [line 52]

void resolveJoins( tables &$tables)

Finds JoinColumns in an array of tables, and adds 'type' fields by looking up the columns


tables   &$tables   This should be an associative array containing 'tablename' => tabledefinition tabledefinition is itself an associativive array of 'COLUMN_NAME_CONSTANT' => columndefintion COLUMN_NAME_CONSTANT should be a unique constant within the table, and column definition should be a Column object or JoinColumn object

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