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addSlashRedirectView :: Request -> IO (Maybe Response)

Processors are used for doing various tasks, usually not limited in usefulness to one particular view function.

  • View processors

These take a view function and return a view function. Alternatively, take a view function and a request and return an IO (Maybe Response). This allows them to do both request pre-processing and response post-processing. They will be usually be used as 'decorators' when defining routes.

  • View functions

These are straightforward view functions which happen to work as a kind of pre-handler. They are installed using routes, usually before all the others. These usually do redirects, for example addSlashRedirectView

  • Response processors

These take a response and the original request object, and return a possibly modified response. This can be useful for post-processing, or adding headers etc.

addSlashRedirectView :: Request -> IO (Maybe Response)Source
Returns a responseRedirect if the the request URI does not end with a slash. Should be installed before all other routes.
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