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How to do logging calls to Sentry asynchronously (until Sentry gets UDP support).
Posted in: Python, Web development, Django  — 
Some tips for keeping your Django apps lean and mean from the beginning, using lessons from django-fiber,
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A quickstart for deploying a Django project to a shared hosting system like WebFaction.
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O gods of software development and operations, I have sinned. Your anger falls on me, and I feel your wrath...
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Announcing django-easyfilters, a new library for Django, and a bit of heretical editorial about Django's ORM.
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A quick Family Fortunes game
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First part of a series of posts that attempt to explain Python by the dissection method.
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My bash prompt, including git/hg branch name.
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Writing good quality documentation for the software libraries you publish always matters. Otherwise, you are doing the world a disservice by publishing.
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An app to help protect your customers' data when in development.
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finally got round to cleaning up my Django validator app...
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When assertNumQueries is overkill...
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Class based views are very cool. I am starting to clean up an existing project using them, and lots of existing views are turning into declarative code. But it makes me worried about the ravioli effect.
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Today I learned that JSON is much faster than YAML for use in Django fixtures...
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Participating in any Open Source project can be frustrating if things do not move along as quickly as you would like. Django is a fairly popular project, whose developers are volunteers with limited resources, and with a pretty big commitment to stability and backwards compatibility, so there will always be people who get frustrated. This blog post is intended to help people in that situation be helpful, and to not actually make things worse.
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I tend to use several music/media players, such as shell-fm, moc and Clementine. In order to be able to use the media buttons on my keyboard for pausing/skipping, I wrote this Python script to automatically route the commands to the right one.
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Just when you think you've got him cornered, he changes the subject...
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After being a loyal fan of KDE for a long time, I've just left...
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A defence of the Christian position on homosexuality, written for the benefit of atheists who really need to stop saying silly things like "God Hates Shrimp".
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Using IPython deep inside a program...