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The order of service requires some Python hacking
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Using my programming skills for higher purposes, part 1
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We should just introduce people to MVT
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Some answers and questions on the subject of bundling copies of dependencies in a project
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WebFaction should encourage a much better deployment process
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Porting a Django app to Python 3
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Success story with Linux, Chrome, Android, Coversal and Python
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Some ideas about solving translation problems with computer generated text.
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A complete WebView Android app, full screen, with a progress bar and back button that works as normal
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An example of why dynamic typing in a statically typed language can be painful
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A repost of a classic that is no longer available at its original location.
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With examples from the web development world especially PHP, and lessons for Pythonistas
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Notes to self on how (not) to convince people.
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I switched my site/blog to blogofile and disqus, sorry for any incovenience for feed readers.
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A response to "Things you should test" by Noah Sussman.
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Django's CBVs are complex, unpythonic solutions to simple problems, (IMHO :-), here's why.
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I've probably written lots of blog posts on this, so I can't claim 'x' = 1, and I've no idea what 'y' is...
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A nice tool developed by a friend of mine.
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I launched my new Django Bible memorization site,
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TimeCult works well, and I wrote a script for converting KTimeTracker files.