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Some lessons from the recent WordPress vulnerability
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Follow @djangoadmintips for curated tips about the Django admin
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A post about linguistics, and the word fallacies you need to avoid.
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Why Django's GenericForeignKey is (usually) a bad idea
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How to use ModelAdmin.get_actions with dynamically generated list of actions
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A simple password-less login system to consider for some use cases, with Django code.
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We need languages and systems that are less powerful, not more powerful, and easy ways to create and use such languages.
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Non-original humorous post
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A way to use Class Based Views and avoid some of the problems with Django's versions.
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A review of the above book by L. Felipe Martins.
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Trickiness surrounding subclassing
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Why I think we need the context of a language to have meaningful debate about language features.
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Compatibility report.
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Pretty much what it says in the title...
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An attempt to put something down about the idea of self-hosting software
Posted in: Django, Christianity  — 
My reasons why I disapprove of gay marriage, but will treat those who disagree with me with all the respect and kindness I can.
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Python script to help Linux users transfer saved passwords from Chrome to Firefox.
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A script to export/import passwords from the Gnome password manager
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An example that might help a new programmer struggling with the insanity of counting from zero.
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Some attempts to solve the seating headache with software.