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A complete WebView Android app, full screen, with a progress bar and back button that works as normal
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An example of why dynamic typing in a statically typed language can be painful
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With examples from the web development world especially PHP, and lessons for Pythonistas
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Notes to self on how (not) to convince people.
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I switched my site/blog to blogofile and disqus, sorry for any incovenience for feed readers.
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A response to "Things you should test" by Noah Sussman.
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Django's CBVs are complex, unpythonic solutions to simple problems, (IMHO :-), here's why.
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I've probably written lots of blog posts on this, so I can't claim 'x' = 1, and I've no idea what 'y' is...
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I launched my new Django Bible memorization site,
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TimeCult works well, and I wrote a script for converting KTimeTracker files.
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How to do logging calls to Sentry asynchronously (until Sentry gets UDP support).
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Some tips for keeping your Django apps lean and mean from the beginning, using lessons from django-fiber,
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O gods of software development and operations, I have sinned. Your anger falls on me, and I feel your wrath...
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Announcing django-easyfilters, a new library for Django, and a bit of heretical editorial about Django's ORM.
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First part of a series of posts that attempt to explain Python by the dissection method.
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Writing good quality documentation for the software libraries you publish always matters. Otherwise, you are doing the world a disservice by publishing.
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An app to help protect your customers' data when in development.
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Class based views are very cool. I am starting to clean up an existing project using them, and lots of existing views are turning into declarative code. But it makes me worried about the ravioli effect.
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I tend to use several music/media players, such as shell-fm, moc and Clementine. In order to be able to use the media buttons on my keyboard for pausing/skipping, I wrote this Python script to automatically route the commands to the right one.
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Using IPython deep inside a program...