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Portable computer

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More adventures in not having my computer with me…

Replacement dos box for Windows - emacs shell mode

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The Windows dos box (command prompt) sucks in many ways in comparison to an xterm (and I’m not even including ‘command’ vs ‘bash’ here). But if you have emacs you can make it suck a little bit less. “M-x shell” gets you shell mode, and you can select text etc, and use emacs keybindings for editing your commands etc.

bacKing up

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Boring post about backing up tools in KDE


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I’m currently installing SimplyMEPIS on my old machine. And using it to blog at the same time…


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My broadband internet connection has held up for a month now..

iTunes for Linux

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It really bugged me that there was no iTunes for Linux, and despite searching high and low, there is no decent alternative that works on Linux - a simple way of buying a single track online. Until now…

Ubuntu and Win4Lin

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Finally got round to getting Win4Lin working, with a few hassles…

Subversion on AMD64

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A warning for anyone switching to a 64-bit architecture (such as AMD64) from a 32-bit: Subversion repositories have to be migrated…

Automount gotchas

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I insert a CD, and watch as it is automatically mounted (good!). I check it’s MD5SUM, then eject. Only it won’t…

Fun with 64-bit Linux

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I found there is no way to get Win4Lin running on my 64-bit kernel, so I’m looking at the alternatives…

More Ubuntu experiences

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I thought it might be useful to add a bit more about how it’s going with Ubuntu…

Mandrake firewall fixed

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I finally found some good info on how the firewall works in Mandrake..